Research and Development

URL Pharma’s Research and Development efforts are driven by the commitment to develop revolutionary products and making lives healthier through the continuous reinvention of excellence.

The Research and Development department is comprised of approximately 80 scientists working in the fields of drug delivery/formulation development, analytical development, and biopharmaceutics. These scientists work collaboratively to develop specialized and proprietary drug delivery technologies which are applied to the formulation of our generic and branded pharmaceutical products and for out-licensing.

Successfully developed technologies include:

  • NanoBurst™ nanoparticle technology for increasing the dissolution rate of poorly water soluble molecules, enhancing overall bioavailability, and reducing the food effects of formulations;
  • MultiBurst™ matrix technology tablets with first order and zero order extended release characteristics and the ability to match release profiles under both fasted and fed conditions for products using OROS® drug delivery technology;
  • Z-Burst™ multiparticulate technology dosage forms with pulsatile release including pH dependent and pH independent pulsatile release in the GI tract; and
  • Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT’s).