About us

With more than 60 years of experience as a generic pharmaceutical Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing company, URL Pharma has successfully transitioned into a growing research and technology-driven, proprietary-branded pharmaceutical business. Our growth in 2009 was driven primarily by our branded/licensing products.

Our strategy is to develop and commercialize scientifically and medically innovative products and technologies that fulfill unmet medical needs. These advances are protected by intellectual property or regulatory exclusivity.

Branded innovations.

URL Pharma successfully commercialized its first internally developed branded product, Qualaquin®, in 2006; and in 2009 introduced FIBRICOR®. Our substantial discovery pipeline includes products in mid-to-late-stage development expected to launch over the next 5 years, available for out-licensing and useful for near term life cycle management.

URL Pharma is committed to addressing safety issues facing the pharmaceutical industry.

Our primary scientific focus is to enhance the safety and efficacy profiles of medicines through clinical study and formulation development.