MultiBurst™ Site-Specific Delivery

MultiBurst™ multiparticulate technology allows targeted drug delivery that can be customized for optimal therapeutic efficacy and safety for a wide range of compounds. MultiBurst™ allows maximum flexibility in drug delivery over traditional compositions.

Customizable technology provides multiple delivery options

  • Flexible formulation platform allows sustained release, delayed release, or pulsatile release of active agents
  • Multiparticulate mini-tablets allow for site-specific delivery of several drugs encapsulated within the same capsule

Targeted drug delivery

  • Drug delivery can be site-specific within the gastrointestinal tract
  • Time release or pH-dependent options provide flexible drug delivery
  • Food effects may be minimized
  • Multiparticulate mini-tablets sprinkled onto food are easy to swallow for pediatric and geriatric patients

Rapid, cost-effective manufacturing

  • No need for expensive, non-conventional manufacturing equipment or facilities
  • Technology transfer is easy and expeditious
  • MultiBurst™ allows for consistent and uniform encapsulation of multiple targeted delivery mini-tablet formulations of a specific drug or drugs within the same capsule
  • URL Pharma offers product development and commercial manufacturing

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