Z-Burst™ Controlled Delivery System

Based on the principles of zero-order release, our proprietary Z-Burst™ technology was developed to reduce fluctuations in drug blood level concentrations and to eliminate food effects due to the delivery system.

Up to 24-hour delivery of drug

  • Ensures minimal fluctuations in drug blood concentration
  • Consistent, controlled drug delivery results in improved safety profile and patient compliance
  • Easily tailored to a wide range of molecules and dosage strengths

Effective regardless of food intake

  • Documented to match blood levels of OROS® formulations under both fasted and fed conditions

Rapid, cost-effective manufacturing

  • No need for expensive non-conventional manufacturing equipment or facilities
  • Technology transfer is easy and expeditious
  • URL Pharma offers product development and commercial manufacturing

Ideal for significant drug classes

  • Z-Burst™ zero-order release technology has the potential to simplify dosage and administration of many existing pharmaceutical compounds that would benefit from 24-hour sustained delivery, including:
    • Cardiovascular
    • Pain control
    • Oncology

For more information, please contact: Licens@URLpharma.com or 800-523-3254