NanoBurst™ Superior Solubilization Technology

NanoBurst™, a proprietary nanoparticle drug delivery technology, significantly increases the bioavailability of many poorly soluble pharmaceutical compounds. NanoBurst™ provides additional development options for poorly water soluble drugs and extends a drug’s lifecycle by improving its safety and efficacy profile.

Proprietary solubilization technology

  • Improves bioavailability of poorly soluble molecules
  • Innovative NanoBurst™ technology does not rely on surfactants or drug/liquid dissolution to solubilize the drug
  • Provides stable formulations

Versatile, reliable delivery platform

  • Fully adaptable to most pharmaceutical compounds and dosages up to 350 mg depending upon formulation
  • Nanoparticles are easily converted to a variety of dosage forms:
    • Tablets – Redispersable powder
    • Suspension

Improved efficacy – minimal food intake concerns

  • NanoBurst™ technology can reduce or eliminate the effect of food

Efficient, cost-effective manufacturing

  • Substantial inventory management benefit
    • Extremely stable intermediates are produced allowing flexibility in manufacturing schedules
  • No need for expensive non-conventional manufacturing equipment or facilities
    • Standard milling, spraying, and fluid bed granulating techniques used
  • NanoBurst™ process uses FDA “GRAS” (Generally Recognized as Safe) materials
  • URL Pharma offers product development and commercial manufacturing

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