American Pharmacists Association

Urges Pharmacists to Only Dispense FDA-Approved Drugs Wherever Possible

  1. The American Pharmacists Association calls for education and collaboration among health professional organizations, federal agencies, and other stakeholders to ensure that all manufacturer, distributor, and repackager marketed prescription drugs used in patient care have been FDA-approved as safe and effective.
  2. APhA supports initiatives aimed at closing regulatory and distribution-system loopholes that facilitate market entry of new prescription drugs products without FDA approval.
  3. APhA encourages health professionals to consider FDA approval status of prescription drug products when making decisions about prescribing, dispensing, substitution, purchasing, formulary development, and in the development of pharmacy/medical education programs and drug information compendia.

APhA 2009 Policy Meeting, San Antonio, TX, – “Non-FDA-Approved Drugs and Patient Safety” Policy Adopted April, 2009