PRISM™ – Program to Improve the Safety of Medication

PRISM™ scientific discoveries improve a pharmaceutical product’s safety profile and also provide a lifecycle management opportunity. This targeted scientific program focuses on a drug’s metabolic pathways to identify safety improvements and, most importantly, optimize patient outcomes regardless of drug class.

Optimal results through focused research

  • PRISM™ research focuses on discovering new information about a drug’s metabolic pathway to improve safety and, ultimately, patient outcomes
  • PRISM™ discoveries provide valuable information to the physician, pharmacist, and patient

Updated labeling supported by regulation

  • PRISM™ discoveries are incorporated into the product label as required by FDA guidance

Value of PRISM™ recognized by Pharma

  • Licensed by top-tier Pharma
  • Multi-million dollar Pharma participation with on-going royalties and milestone payments

PRISM™ is a valuable lifecycle program

  • Competitors are unable to use new patented information
  • Extends patent life

Proven success in lifecycle management

  • Multiple PRISM™ patents pending for specific molecules
  • PRISM™ discoveries incorporated into currently marketed drug labels
  • Medical community has embraced PRISM™ discoveries

For more information, please contact: or 800-523-3254