Return Policy

Chain/ Distributor/ Wholesaler
URL Pharma, Inc.
Return Goods Policy
November, 2009

Credit will be given only for all unopened products (NO PARTIALS) that are outdated – meaning from expiration date up to six months past the expiration date. All returns and credits are subject to the following conditions.

  1. Credit will be issued only for those products destroyed/returned by the ORIGINAL PURCHASER and/or destroys/returns by ORIGINAL PURCHASER to a third party return processor. Authorization to destroy product on site must be granted in writing by the URL Pharma Customer Service Department.
  2. FOR REQUESTS TO RETURN OUTDATED PRODUCT TO URL PHARMA: All expired products should be destroyed rather than returned. However, if expired products absolutely cannot be destroyed either on site or if you do not use a return processor to destroy, then please follow the instructions listed in the next paragraph to return products.All returned goods requests must be approved in advance by URL Pharma’s Customer Service Dept. and be accompanied by a URL Pharma return authorization number.All returns must include a packing list with the following information: full product description, NDC#, lot #, expiration date, quantities and debit memo #. The RA # must appear on the outside of each carton. All products must be returned in the original container. Our toll free number is 1-800-523-3684 ext. 1828. Our fax number is 215-697-1776.
  3. FOR REQUETS TO DESTROY OUTDATED PRODUCT ON SITE: All products to be destroyed on site must be approved in advance by URL Pharma’s Customer Service Department to receive a URL Pharma destroy authorization number.All requests for destruction must include the following information: full product description, lot #, expiration date, quantities and debit memo #.A destruction authorization number with dollar credit total will be forwarded to you that coincides with your debit #. This information will be provided within ten business days. Our toll free number is 1-800-523-3684 ext. 1828. Our fax number is 215-697-1776.
  4. All returns to URL Pharma must be shipped prepaid unless merchandise is received in error.
  5. Private label merchandise is not eligible for credit.
  6. No credit is allowed for products sold on a non-returnable basis.
  7. Credit for returns/destroys will be based on the actual purchase price during prior 24 months or current acquisition price, whichever is lower. Returns/destroys will not be credited at AWP. Credit for authorized returns or destroys will only be issued when return/destroy pricing form has been signed and returned to URL Pharma signifying agreement with amount of credit to be issued.
  8. Any product that was shipped in error will be accepted for return with prior authorization & an accompanying written statement indicating that the product was stored and shipped under the proper conditions.
  9. URL Pharma cannot be responsible for processing fees of any kind.


After receiving the proper authorization, the customer will have the option to destroy the merchandise from their end. A destruction report, signed by an authorized officer of your company, is required to receive credit.

All claims for concealed shortages, or for items damaged in transit, must be submitted to URL Pharma along with a copy of the carrier’s notification within 5 days of our invoice date to be eligible for credit.

Controlled Substances Reimbursement Requirements

URL Pharma will provide credit for controlled substances according to our return goods policy, however, URL Pharma is unable to authorize the actual physician return of controlled substances unless said product is received in error.

Original purchaser having blanket authorization from their DEA office to perform their own destruction may forward a notification of destruction form to URL Pharma for credit. URL Pharma’s Customer Service department must be notified before destruction of product in order to receive a valid destruction authorization #.

Original purchaser not having authorization to destroy from their DEA office should forward controlled substances to a reverse distributor who is authorized to perform the destruction.

Original purchaser that has received controlled substances in error must contact URL Pharma’s Customer Service Department for return authorization before returning product to receive an authorization number and instructions for returning product. Product must be returned unopened and must be returned within 7 calendar days.

URL Pharma’s issuance of credit is based upon our receipt of the copy of the DEA Form 41, which lists the controlled products that were destroyed.

URL Pharma will issue credit based on the DEA Form 41.

URL Pharma will not accept controlled substances for return, unless received in error. Any controlled substances returned to URL Pharma in violation of this policy will not be accepted and will be immediately sent back to the source.