Proprietary Pipeline/ Research and Development

Research & Development Growth

Proprietary Pipeline

In the past four years, URL Pharma has invested over $200 million in R&D. Our overall R&D budget for 2008 is expected to exceed $60 million, the majority of which is being allocated to branded product development, and technology development, for our branded division, AR Scientific®. URL Pharma’s research focuses on developing scientific and medical innovations for existing compounds to serve unmet medical needs. These efforts should also result in patent and regulatory exclusivities and high commercial or technical barriers to market. Products are targeted for physicians or managed care organizations and are commercialized through AR Scientific®, partnerships, or licensing agreements.

The scientific and medically driven approach, to developing safer products described above has yielded a deep pipeline that includes six mid- to late-stage NDA candidates. We plan to launch these candidates over the next five years and expect them to drive significant long-term, sustainable growth. Please see the list of products below: