URL Pharma has been a leading national supplier of generic pharmaceuticals for more than 60 years. We have evolved from selling injectables door-to-door to physicians to manufacturing and distributing an extensive generic product line, and today we offer substantial proprietary products from our technology business. We have successfully transformed the company to a specialized pharmaceutical manufacturer with more than 70% of our business generated from branded, licensed, or exclusive products.

URL Pharma continues to provide our customers with cost-effective, quality pharmaceutical products in both branded and generic forms. We succeed at this by combining state-of-the art manufacturing technology and greatly expanded production, laboratory and distribution facilities, with highly skilled and experienced manufacturing, scientific, and support personnel.

URL Pharma invests between $50 million and $70 million annually into R&D programs. Additionally, we have developed new patented technologies that profoundly improve the therapeutic profiles of existing compounds. Our branded label business (AR Scientific, Inc.), currently markets COLCRYS®, FIBRICOR®, Qualaquin®, and Bactrim™ (a trademark of Hoffman-La Roche Inc.).